Air Filter Installation

We do a turn-key filter install at your facility. We have multiple solutions for every application, to help find the best filter and the most savings, customized for your specific facility.

Carbon Refilling

Rather than dispose of the entire module and buy a new one, you can save by refilling instead. We have the ability to refill carbon modules of all shapes and sizes in our dedicated carbon facility.

Coil Cleaning & Pan Treatment

Not only can we install, test, and repair filters and filter components, we also offer cleaning of equipment as well. Coil cleaning is both common and recommended to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

HEPA Install and Testing

HEPA filters are the best in the business for cleaning up the air and can be utilized in a variety of applications. Whether used in your air handlers or in a ceiling grid, we can install and test them for you.

Just In Time Delivery

We have the largest inventory in Texas, so we're likely to have the filters you need … right now! Let us know what you need and when you need it, and we'll deliver it on time and ready for installation.

Liquid Filter Install

Whether your facility uses water for consumption or to keep equipment running properly, it is essential to have a water filtration system in place. Let us upgrade your current system or create a new liquid filter system optimized for your needs.

Pressure Washing Services

Our expert technicians are also fully capable of handling your pressure washing needs, including: HVAC coils, sidewalks, parking lots, playgrounds, stadiums, bathrooms, etc. Challenge us with your grimiest application and we'll make it just like new.

Probiotic Disinfect and protect surfaces

The most versatile, agile, and easy to use surface disinfection management system on the market today. Any surface that can be touched is a target for proper surface management and infection prevention.

Ultraviolet Light Install

UV light harnesses the power of the sun to eradicate dangerous microbes that could be living in your facility. Whether it's mold, bacteria, spores, or even viruses – UV will cleanse them from your filtration system.

Unit Retrofit

We can strengthen current filter banks or even convert them from one style to another, upgrade standard filters to final filters or HEPA filters, as well as clean and repair units.