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Building owners, operators, managers, designers, service contractors and maintenance personnel need reliable and accurate information regarding commercial air filtration systems and commercial air purifiers. A properly maintained commercial air filtration system will ensure the protection of equipment and occupants while cutting down on the need for equipment cleaning and emergency maintenance.


Effective filtration systems improve overall Indoor air Quality along with employee health and productivity

Our fully trained service staff will perform an on-site survey of your current filter application, recommending any changes required for optimal filtration.

New technologies in air filter media and design mean higher MERV filters are now available having the same, or even lower pressure drop specifications.

Along with filter change outs and Just-In-Time Delivery, we offer coil cleaning, retrofitting units, stocking programs, and chemical treatment.

MERV 13 is the first point where E1 particle removal begins, and is the minimum filter grade required under the LEED program.

Our service technicians strictly adhere to the National Air Filtration Association’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual while installing every commercial air filtration system and commercial air purifier.

Our sales team will also assist you in airflow testing and life cycle cost analysis to help reduce maintenance budgets and improve indoor air quality.


NAFA Guidelines

Commercial Office Spaces.pdf (English)


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