The industrial and manufacturing sector spans across many different trades and processes that, in turn, rely on multiple phases or applications of industrial air cleaners. An efficient industrial air filtration system not only focuses on air quality within the facility, but also concentrates on anything that is initiated and then released into the atmosphere during the production process. 


An efficient industrial filtration system is our goal

Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. manufactures many different custom industrial air filtration systems, including custom filters and filter holding devices.

We also represent multiple manufacturers of filter housings and even air handlers that can be altered to meet every customer's unique requirements.

Our installation crews are well versed in different types of retrofits and often make recommendations for industrial air cleaners based on client specifications.

Life cycle cost analysis is also provided to ensure customers we are exceeding specific requirements through the most efficient approach.

Dust Collection Systems can be another important tool utilized in these types of facilities.

Additionally, filters with a Class I Fire Rating are often used to eliminate flame and spark hazards.


Welding Guidelines

Welding Fumes Best Practices.pdf (English)

Spray Finishing Guidelines

Spray Finishing Particulate Best Practices.pdf (English)


Bag/Pocket Filters

HEPA Filters

Media Filters

Mini Pleats

Pleated Filters

Rigid Filters

V-Cell Filters