Torit Powercore Dust Collectors

The development and use of new technologies in industrial and commercial processes has resulted in an increase in the production of smoke, fumes, and dust that are very harmful, especially the contaminants produced during thermal cutting. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set permissible exposure limits on manganese and hexavalent chromium. Though the permissible exposure limit of dusts such as a manganese was lowered by OSHA, EPA continues to focus on the reduction of particulates of 2.5 microns and smaller, making it essential for industrial establishments to use an advanced dust collection system.

The Solution: Torit PowerCore Dust Collector
The Torit PowerCore TG Series collector packages progressive dust and fume collection technology, ideal for facilities involved in thermal spray, laser cutting, welding and plasma cutting applications. Its all-welded housing is easy to integrate into an OEM design or fit as a stand-alone on the floor. The Torit PowerCore Dust Collectors TG Series has up to 65 percent smaller footprint than most of the cartridge collectors. In short, it is smaller, smarter, more effective and efficient than traditional 8-cartridge filter collectors.

Highlights of the Torit PowerCore Dust Collector TG Series
Here are some smart features that give the PowerCore TG an edge over other models:
One PowerCore filter pack is equivalent to up to three traditional cartridge filters
Filter with a high MERV rating of 13
A completely assembled and pre-wired device

Use of Leading Technology
The PowerCore filter packs use a technology that is flame-retardant, Ultra-Web nanofiber technology and Donaldson’s media configuration expertise. When the dirty air enters the open flute, it is forced to pass through the media to the adjacent flute. The flute on the opposite side of the filter is sealed and the filtered air exits through the opening on the clean side of the filter pack.

Better Filter Cleaning
The ZERO-Turn PowerPulse Cleaning technology ensures that maximum cleaning energy is delivered in the straight-line paths through the media and the dust is easily pulsed out of the fluted channels.

Downward Airflow
An EPA-sponsored research reveals that the downward flow of dirty airstream in the PowerCore dust collector results in a superior performance, as it reduces the re-deposition of the dust on the filter packs.

Quiet Fan Packs
The Torit PowerCore Dust Collector uses high-performance fans at the base to reduce the noise produced during operation.

Extra Safety Features
The PowerCore TG range has reinforced housing to support top-mount explosion vents, heat sensors, fire suppression systems, alarm strobes, side-mount explosion vents and many more elements to provide better air purification.

Environment Friendliness
The three powerful components of PowerCore TF filter – TG filter packs with Ultra-Web media, Airflow Controller with VFD and Premium Efficiency Motor allow significant energy savings.

Ease of Maintenance
The PowerCore filter packs are easy to install and remove without the help of any tools. The Low-Inlet box has a dust drawer located at the bottom to collect the dust and it can be detached easily while cleaning.

A Few Last Words
The Torit PowerCore Dust Collector is an ideal filtration system for critical processes where harmful particulates need to be controlled. The heat sensors, fire suppression, inline spark cooler, reinforced housing construction and many more features of the system make it an efficient choice for different types of industrial facilities. If you wish more info on the dust collector, feel free to contact us for a no obligation free consultation.

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