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Most buildings have opportunities for energy savings related to their HVAC system, regardless of size, age, or other factors. Even in brand-new buildings, there is typically something that can be optimized to produce energy savings.   Two of the most common ways to save energy with air filters are: Protecting the coils for more efficient […]

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical for organizations of all kinds. IAQ is a compliance issue in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, but it is also important for the health and safety of people in all facilities. The air filters in a building’s HVAC system are one of the most important factors affecting IAQ. These […]

In most businesses, little thought is dedicated to how HVAC filters are packaged, organized, and stored. However, air filters affect thousands of dollars in operating expenses for many facilities—especially in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, and commercial offices. Given the scope of the potential savings in labor, materials, and energy, every organization should consider […]

Installing permanent metal filters frames in your HVAC system results in cost savings across all key operational areas associated with filters, including: Filter purchases Storage and packaging Energy efficiency Labor for filter change-outs Maintenance and repairs Joe W. Fly Co. San Antonio Branch Manager Will Fawcett explains the benefits of installing permanent metal filter frames. […]

It’s very common for commercial buildings to have filters of the wrong size installed in their HVAC systems. When Joe W. Fly Co. technicians perform inspections, we see filters that do not fit properly on nearly 100% of our surveys. It is common to see these things on all types of buildings in all industries. […]

In your home, all you have to do to change an air filter is to open the HVAC unit, pull out the dirty filter, and slide in a new one. In large commercial facilities, the logistics are much more complicated. Storing and handling dozens of filters is a costly burden for busy building engineers. Joe […]

It seems like a no-brainer to use a cheaper air filter if you know you can save $1,000 on material costs this year. But how do you ensure that these short-term savings won’t come with more long-term costs attached? And what if you could save $5,000 this year by investing in better filters and reducing […]

Increasing competitiveness and proliferation of numerous diseases necessitate facility managers to maintain optimum hygiene levels, with a major challenge being to stop airborne microorganisms. The majority of viruses and bacteria that infect patients exist in the form of air particulates, which often get ignored by patients, doctors as well as administrators. In this article, we […]