Statement from Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. on the Black Lives Matter Movement

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To be silent, is to be complicit. And Joe W. Fly Co., Inc has been silent for far too long. 

Today and always, we stand with Black communities in support of the dismantling of racism and racial injustices in the United States and across the world. 

Our vision, to positively impact every Texan by 2025, is tied hand in hand with our core value– Family. We treat all of our employees, customers, and partners, regardless of race, gender, age, or sex, as part of the Joe Fly family.  

During these times, our vision, mission, and core values will lead us out of darkness and into the light of a better future. 

While we may not have all the answers, we know the path forward starts with profound conversations. And we encourage you to take that courageous step with us.
#blacklivesmatter #joeflyco #strongertogether

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