Liquid Filters

Joe W. Fly Co. Inc. provides advanced liquid filters engineered to deliver recipe quality water. Equipped with a patented system to control scale formation in food service equipment, the filters not only eliminate sediment, but also reduce chlorine taste and odor. Sourced from 3M - the industry leader in liquid filtration products - the filters we provide deploy chemically fed polyphosphate based scale inhibitors, delivering peak efficiency in both high and low temperature applications.

Why Invest In a Liquid Filter?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 70% of the water supplies are designated as “hard” to “very hard”. The figure makes it vital for the F&B enterprises to check on the quality of the water in use. Hard water might result in:

  • Formation of scales on equipment
  • Downtime due to equipment troubles
  • Inefficient operation due to longer heating times
  • Increased cost of maintenance and de-liming
  • High energy bills

Investing in an efficient liquid filter becomes all the more important if your business requires potable water - an important ingredient in soft drinks and juices, also used to rinse raw food items. The high efficiency liquid filters that we offer remove bacteria, particulates, mold spores and yeast from the water ensuring that it is free from all types of contaminants.

Products We Offer

We at Joe W. Fly Co. Inc. provide 3M filters with High Flow and ScaleGARD technology to meet diverse needs of our clients. Our commercial grade filters are easy to install, clean, and use. The range includes:

  • 3M ScaleGARD HT SF165
  • 3M Liquid High Flow
  • 3M ScaleGARD Reverse Osmosis

Our team also undertakes turnkey installation projects at client’s facility., followed by comprehensive testing and after sales support, ensuring a hassle-free experience to the client.