Glasfloss MERV 8 Heavy Duty Filters


Joe W. Fly Co. Inc. offers heavy-duty Glasfloss Z-line Series HVXM, and MR11XM pleated air filters, specifically designed for higher air volume systems. Z-line series filters are composed of synthetic media that effectively absorbs moisture, discouraging microbial growth. In addition, the galvanized metal used in the product resists rust and corrosion and provides optimum performance even in high air velocity applications. The Glasfloss Z-line series HVXM filters, with an MERV 8 rating, are capable of achieving 30-35 percent dust spot efficiency, whereas the MR11Xm, with an MERV 11 rating, delivers 60-65 percent efficiency.


  • Die cut frame
  • Double wall beverage board
  • Synthetic media made of 100 percent synthetic fibers
  • Extra heavy duty galvanized expanded metal
  • Media pleated in a tapered radial configuration
  • Standard 2” and 4” sizes
  • Heavy-duty galvanized metal backing
  • Withstand temperatures of up to 180 degree Fahrenheit

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