Flanders Precision Cell II Filters

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Flanders Precision Cell II air filters are one of the most advanced HVAC filtration media, designed to offer outstanding air filtration. Compatible with most commercial and industrial HVAC systems requiring medium to high efficiency filtration, Flanders Precision Cell II are especially engineered for variable air volume systems, operating at face velocities of up to 625 fpm. The filters are available in two options: standard box style and an optional headered (top and bottom) version, manufactured with a header for use with existing side access housings.


  • Nominal efficiency ranges of 60-65 percent, 80-85 percent, and 90-95 percent.*
  • Ideal for air volumes systems with face velocities of up to 625 fpm.
  • Compatible with Flanders PF-1 Holding Frames, Surepleat Side Access, and similar hardware.
  • Perfect for new installations with 24-inch (height) by 24-inch (width), and 24-inch (height) by 12-inch (width) face sizes
  • Precision Cell II filters work perfectly as prefilters for Alpha Cell HEPA filters, as they are light in weight
  • UL Class 2 listed

(* Per ASHRAE Standard 52.1, and atmospheric dust spot test methods and MERV 11-14 per ASHRAE 52.2)

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