Multi-task Probiotic Cleaner


Product is used for general cleaning of surfaces:

  • Desks, White Boards, Counters, Tables and Chairs
  • Office Stations, Computer Keyboards, Touch Screens and Phones
  • Door Handles, Hand Rails & Walls
  • Bathrooms & Public Restrooms
  • Windows, Mirrors
  • Kitchens, Cafeterias, Dining Areas, Food Trays

Heavy grease surfaces (eg: kitchen hoods) best cleaned with CO+ Degreaser

  • Flooring – All Tile, Grouting, Linoleum, Polished Concrete, Hardwood and Carpet

Low foaming Carpet & Floor Cleaner version may be more appropriate


  • pH Neutral

Suitable for use with all moisture tolerant surfaces when applied as directed.

  • Non-Toxic

Safe to wash / flush into municipal waste water

  • Is safe to use and apply.
  • Complies with the State of California VOC Standards.
  • Generally Non-Allergenic (enzyme intolerance may require gloves)
  • None of the constituents require a cautionary statement by the EPA, FDA and / or USDA
  • The product makes no claims of biocidal action