Flanders Superflow 24 HEPA

Flanders Super-Flow®24 is a V-bed HEPA filter (99.99% at 0.30 micrometer) specifically designed for high airflow applications requiring HEPA efficiency at an ultra low-pressure drop. The Super-Flow®24 can be incorporated into systems with air velocities of 600 fpm and a pressure drop of 1.0-inch w.g.

Product Design

The Super-Flow®24 filters are manufactured with wet laid microfine fiberglass media. The media is formed into a minipleat utilizing a hot melt separator and arranged in a V-bed configuration. There are twelve individual minipleat packs sealed on all four sides to the frame with two-component polyurethane. The frame is constructed of 20 ga. galvaneal, aluminum or stainless steel and consists of vertical support struts of the same material. Vertical supports are attached to the frame body without the use of mechanical fasteners. The vertical supports act as the sealing surface of the mini pleat packs.


  • Longer Life

Gasket seal Super-Flow®24 filters have 400 sq. ft. of media compared to 240 sq. ft. for traditional HEPA filters. The greater media area provides a longer time period between filter replacements.

  • Improved Efficiency

The significant quantity of media translates into an extremely low media velocity. Therefore a minimum overall efficiency of 99.99% at 0.30 μm is easily assured. Traditional HEPA filters have an overall efficiency of 99.97% at 0.30 μm.

  • Lower Operating Cost

The typical HEPA filter pressure drop can range from 1.4-inch w.g. to 1.8-inch w.g. at the rated flow. The pressure drop of the Super-Flow®24 is 1.0-inch w.g. at the rated flow.