Fiberbond Multiwedge

Multi-Wedge filters were one of the industry’s first extended surface, synthetic pocket filters and they continue to be among the best. Today’s high-efficiency Multi-Wedges are engineered to offer a lower initial resistance, while maintaining all of the superior design qualities. Multi-Wedge combines the value of Spor-Ax® antimicrobial and tapered, rigid pockets – delivering a filter that maximizes service life and holds up in high moisture conditions.


  • Filter Media: Non-woven composite
  • Flammability: UL 900 Classified
  • Performance: In accordance with ASHRAE 52.2 -2012 shall be MERV 13 (Multi-Wedge 85) or MERV 14 (Multi-Wedge 95)
  • Recommended Final Resistance: 1.5 ´ Z.J.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 200°F
  • Header: 13 /16 ´ WKLFNQHVV
  • Gasketing: Available
  • Face Size: 1RPLQDO OHVV 5/ 8´