Fiberbond MERV 7 FP-100


  • Top-Quality, Affordable And Functional
  • Fiber Bond polyester media is produced using an air laid process that creates uniform, high-loft media. The manufacturing process delivers a media that offers true depth-loading. The highly resilient fibers lend themselves to vacuum-packing which significantly reduces landed cost.
  • Economical, Dependable Performance
  • Polyester media is ideal for applications that need dependable filtration and economy. Polyester media is a great choice for pad  and frame, or blanket usage. Click Here for Product Details
  • Details:
  • .25”, .5”, 1” & 2”Nominal Thicknesses
  • Bulk Media Rolls Up To 92” Wide
  • Pre-Cut Pads
  • Poly-Perf ®
  • Fiber blend includes regenerated fibers