Fiberbond Dustlok Gold Media

Dustlock Gold media, manufactured by Fiber Bond provides the highest level of filtration in a polyester media. MERV 9 with no electrostatic enhancement. Dustlok adhesive stops and retains small particulate. Dustlok adhesive re-activates throughout its service life. Minimum efficiency 90% on 7 to 10 microns. Spor-Ax antimicrobial is a biocide that effectively controls growth of mold, mildew, algae and fungi on the media. Otherwise, mold growing in a filter media will increase resistance, reducing service life.

  • Keeps coils and fans clean
  • Maintain a cleaner work environment
  • Improve indoor air quality


  • Highest efficiency polyester
  • Dustlok adhesive
  • Spor-Ax antimicrobial
  • Maximum service life
  • MERV 9