Enviro-mist Probiotic Cleaner


Application Protocols

  • Use back pack or hand held ULV fogger noted above.
  • Objective is to apply a microscopic layer of protective, safe, healthy probiotic bacteria
  • Direct misted product onto all water tolerant surfaces.
  • Direct mist onto fabric of curtains, over furniture (couches, chairs), surface coverings (bedding, table clothes and mats), carpet, rugs, counter tops, anywhere odor causing bacteria can reside.
  • IMPORTANT – Best not to saturate surfaces. It is not necessary to visually see moisture on the surfaces if you are sure they have been covered.

Ideal for elimination of odors from tobacco smoke and food

Application Locations (non-exclusive examples)

Hotel Rooms (eg: cigarette smoke odor)

Automobiles (eg: cigarette smoke odor)

Airplanes / Airports Commuter Transit Vehicles (Trains, Buses)

Sports Facilities Public buildings

Schools / Colleges / Child Care Assisted Living / Hospitals / Health Clinics

Anywhere there is a desire to improve the quality of the environment



  • Generally Non-Allergenic
  • pH Neutral

Suitable for use with all moisture tolerant surfaces when applied as directed

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Is safe to use and apply:

Applicators with high sensitivity to enzymes should wear protective clothing and gloves

  • Complies with the State of California VOC Standards.
  • Contains only GRAS probiotics and ingredients
  • The product makes no claims of biocidal action