Encapsulator Rug and Carpet Cleaner


  • Suitable for use with liquid based carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Ideally suited for low moisture carpet cleaning equipment
  • High Temperature Steam and Extraction:

Only apply ENCAP as a Pre-Treatment, at above recommended dilution rates.

  • Spot Cleaning –

Dilute ENCAP at 4oz / gal rate.

Apply via pump spray with a wand (preferred) or by hand sprayer.

Best if applied as a Pre-Treatment in such instances; allow minimum dwell time of 10 mins.

Will not harm carpet if left longer as it has a neutral pH.

  • Heavy or Recurring Stains –

Dilute ENCAP at rate of 4oz / gallon of potable water.

  • Odor Elimination –

Dilute ENCAP at rate of between 2oz and 4oz / gallon of potable water depending upon severity or persistence of odors.



pH Neutral

Suitable for use with all moisture tolerant surfaces when applied as directed

  • Non-Toxic

Safe to wash / flush into municipal waste water

  • Is safe to use and apply.
  • Complies with the State of California VOC Standards
  • Generally Non-Allergenic (enzyme intolerance may require gloves)
  • None of the constituents require a cautionary statement by the EPA, FDA and / or USDA
  • The product makes no claims of biocidal action

Leaves a protective layer of healthy probiotic bacteria to provide a safer, cleaner surface.