Columbus SureStop MERV 10

Columbus Industries’ SL-5 SURE-STOP AM™ Panel Filter is an excellent choice for many heavy duty HVAC applications. The SL -5 SURE-STOP AM™ air inlet side of the filter is a white multi-denier coarse tackified polyester. The air exit side of the filter is a white and orange multi-denier, two ply, heavy tackified polyester. This media is then heat sealed around a metal grid, creating a selfsealing design.


  • 2” Nominal Loft
  • Orange and White
  • 2 layers of tackifier to enhance dust holding capacity
  • 5 Filtration Zones
  • 3 Ply
  • Antimicrobial
  • Heavy duty
  • Self-Sealing design
  • UL Standard 900 tested and approved
  • MERV 10


Highly recommended for:

  • Fine atmospheric dust
  • Medium atmospheric dust
  • Pollen and lint
  • Wind blown dust
  • Spray booth intake filtration