Columbus MERV 10 P-100


Columbus MERV 10 P-100 is an excellent general purpose HVAC filtration media with an MERV rating of 10. The graduated density polyester is specially designed for air filtration in industrial plant (HVAC) operations. Columbus MERV 10 P-100 is an airlaid, multi-denier, single layer, dual-density polyester with heavy tackifier, provides two densities and three layers of filtration. While the media is perfect for non-reclaim powder coating exhaust applications, general applications of Columbus MERV 10 P-100 include industrial HVAC and paint booth airflow filtration, among others.


  • 1” nominal loft thickness
  • Low airflow resistance with high dust holding capacity
  • MERV 10@ 492 FPM – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value
  • 44.96 gft2 holding capacity per ASHRAE Standard 52.2
  • 98 percent Weight Arrestance Efficiency by Generally Available Control Technology
  • Availability in 20”, 25” and 88” wide master rolls, cut pads, and made-to-order lengths