Columbus 4" Mini Pleat-Box MERV-15

CI 4″ Micro Shield® MP Filters are an economical choice for extended surface, high-efficiency air filtration requirements. Each filter utilizes a technologically advanced media that incorporates a dual-layer, gradient-density fiber structure that results in exceptionally low airflow resistance, at the highest efficiency levels – reducing both energy and operating costs.

These high-performance filters will improve indoor air quality and remove contaminants from HVAC environments. The CI 4″ MICRO SHIELD® MP Filter is engineered to protect both expensive HVAC equipment and people from dirty air and its damaging effects. The user-friendly filter is also fully incinerable, lightweight, durable and easy to install.

The self-supported 4″ MICRO SHIELD® MP Filter utilizes a geometrically formed pleat pack. Each pleat pack is further strengthened with rigid, mechanical pleat separators. The pack is then sealed into an all-plastic frame. Each stage of the assembly process is quality controlled to ensure the filter’s performance, consistency and durability. These design and construction features combine to produce the best all-around performance in airflow, efficiency and dust-loading uniformity.


  • Provides lower initial resistance
  • Provides lower energy consumption and operating cost
  • Meets requirements for LEED certification
  • Provides an economical and highly efficient upgrade for most applications
  • Easy installation