Bag-In/Bag-Out Housings G-Series


The Flanders/CSC G-Series bag-in/bag-out filter housing allows for the installation of a single filter element (prefilter, HEPA filter or gas adsorber) in a low CFM ventilation system. The G-Series filter housings are designed for particulate filtration and gas filtration. The G-Series design allows the housing to be tested in place and is flexible in that it allows various arrangements of inlet and outlet ports to fit particular applications.

The G-Series gas filtration housings are capable of accepting standard V-bed adsorbers which are used to remove toxic gases (as opposed to particulates from the airstream. The standard V-bed adsorber used in the G-Series has carbon beds of various sizes, compound, and each system must be designed separately.


HEPA filters are factory tested to meet the requirements of IEST-RP-CC001.4 for HEPA filters:

  • Industrial Grade
  • Nuclear Grade
  • Laminar Flow Grade
  • Bio/Hazard Grade HEPA
  • VLSI
  • ULPA
  • Pharmacutical