AstroCell III


The AstroCel III High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of the most critical applications. Multiple mini-pleat media packs, assembled into a series of V-banks, permit substantially more media to be contained in the filter—double the media typically found in most HEPA filters. Maximum effective media area provides greater airflow capacity, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and unusually long service life. The V-bank configuration provides greater airflow capacity and longer service life, while lowering operating costs.


  • Longer service life – 436 square feet of media – means fewer changeouts
  • Low energy consumption and lower operating costs
  • High capacity operation with minimal resistance to airflow; 2400 CFM rated airflow at 1 in. w.g.
  • Chemical-resistant anodized aluminum frame provides superior strength
  • One piece polyurethane gasket seal and gel seal designs available