3M ScaleGARD Reverse Osmosis

The heart of the ScaleGardTM HP System is a state-of-the-art high-production RO (reverse osmosis) membrane (see illustration). Raw water, under pressure, is forced through microscopic pores in the synthetic membrane while larger dissolved solids (ions) and heavy molecular weight contaminants are continually flushed away as reject water. Filtered water travels between the double-sided membrane until it reaches a center core, which then delivers the product water to the storage tanks (not included).

The ScaleGard HPTM System from 3M results in considerable cost savings in both water utility and water sewage as compared to traditional RO systems. In fact, a restaurant can save up to 190 gallons of water for every 50 gallons of water used!


  • Field Expandable
  • Chlorine/Chloramines Reduction
  • “Smart” Diagnostic Indicator
  • Precision Blending
  • High Production RO
  • Compact and Wall Mountable