3M ScaleGARD HT SF165

ScaleGARD™ HT SF165 combines chlorine taste and odor reduction with sediment reduction, and helps protect from the potentially harmful effects of scale formation on equipment at flow rates to 3.34 gpm (12.6 lpm) for 35,000 gallons (132,000 liters).

3M™ Water Filtration Products ScaleGARD HT SF165 assures consistent Recipe Quality Water™ with reduced sediment and chlorine taste and odor. The controlled and metered addition of scale inhibition reduces the ability of calcium and magnesium to form as hard scale in both high and low-temperature applications.¹

When filtered water is already available from a 3M Water Filtration Products Commercial system, the SF18-S scale feeder may be purchased and installed separately at the point of use. The SF18-S provides the same benefits, namely the controlled addition of scale inhibition to reduce the ability of calcium and magnesium to precipitate as hard scale. The model number, part number, and replacement cartridge for the SF18-S are listed in the Product Specification Table.


¹ Periodic acid de-liming of heating elements is recommended for steamer applications


  • Reduced sediment and chlorine for equipment protection and great tasting hot and cold beverages and ice.
  • A passive-feed orifice carefully controls and meters the addition of a scale inhibitor to reduce scale build-up on evaporator plates and heating elements.
  • Consistent performance at application temperatures over 200°F (93°C) [post-equipment].
  • Revolutionary dual-zone filtration media combines a mem- brane in series with premium activated carbon to provide unsurpassed through put and cartridge life.
  • SQC – Sanitary Quick Change – encapsulated cartridge design allows for fast and easy change-outs with a 1/4 turn while minimizing the possibility of leakage and media contamination.
  • FDA CFR-21 and/or NSF compliant materials.
  • 3/4” FNPT inlet and outlet ports allow direct or easily-adapt able connections to existing plumbing lines.
  • System includes a pressure gauge, inlet shut-off valve, and outlet check valve for simple installation and operation.