3M Liquid High Flow

3M™ Water Filtration Products High Flow Series can meet the filtration needs of an entire foodservice establishment or address specific applications one at a time. A one-cartridge High Flow system with revolutionary Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (“IMPACT”) media delivers Recipe Quality Water™ at a flow rate of up to 5 gallons per minute (18.9 lpm) and accomplishes what was previously the job of a three- or four-cartridge system. No activation steps are required, and, for most water, no pre-filter is needed. Whether your foodservice application is cold beverages, ice machines, coffee, tea, espresso, or any combination, a 3M Water Filtration Products High Flow Series system is the one you should count on for unprecedented cyst and bacteria reduction, sediment holding, chlorine taste and odor reduction, and scale inhibition.


  • Single-cartridge flow rates and capacities previously available only with three- or four-cartridge systems.
  • Up to 12 month cartridge life for cartridges with Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (“IMPACT”) media.
  • No need for a separate prefilter.
  • FDA CFR-21 and/or NSF Standard 42 compliant materials.
  • Recipe Quality Water for all commercial foodservice applications, including cold beverages, ice and all brewed beverages.
  • Reduction of sediment and abrasive hard particles helps to extend the life of pumps, valves, o-rings, and seals.
  • Compact manifold systems to simultaneously service multiple applications.