HEPA Filters for Semiconductor Plants

Semiconductor plants require the highest level of filtration due to stringent industry standards and the sensitivity of the microchips being produced. There are several stages of filtration used in the microelectronics sector that are not used in other industries. Committed to be a one-stop-destination for commercial and industrial filtration solutions, Joe Fly maintains a comprehensive inventory comprising only the most trusted names from the industry. In short, no matter whether you are looking to buy Flanders HEPA Filters or FlowAir Plastil HEPA, the search ends here.

A series of increasing filter efficiencies including outside air filters, pre-filters, bag filters, V-cell filters, and HEPA filters, all in the same unit, may be used.

Additionally, there are several variations of molecular filters often incorporated to ensure the removal of any gaseous contaminants.

A single acid or base that makes it through the filtration system could cause extreme damage and ruin thousands of dollars of material in seconds.

The final stage of HEPA or ULPA filters are normally installed in the ceiling grid of the clean room.

This also provides laminar flow within the fab that is essential to proper chip production.

Multiple filter brands, types, styles, efficiencies, sizes, depths, pressure drops, etc. are available.

When evaluating all of these components the number of variables may be tedious, but they are critical in the overall scope of SC manufacturing.

Consider bringing in a NAFA Certified Air Filtration Specialist from Joe W. Fly Co. for a complimentary system survey, evaluation, and consultation.