Paint Booths

Paint Booth Air Filters

Surface finishing filtration is the removal of airborne contaminants to insure the quality of the finished product and for the protection of not only the paint booth equipment, but for continual proper operation of process and the protection of employees and the environment.

Paint booths can be found in many types of industries, including manufacturing plants, collision repair shops, car dealerships, military sites and technical institutes.

Variety of intake (incoming/supply air) filters and exhaust air (paint collection/overspray) filters.

Selection of filter media type is determined by booth design, the applied/sprayed product, paint type, and applicable regulations.

Concentration on remaining at the forefront of the newest technologies in paint filtration.

Strong relationships with distributors of major manufacturers of performance engineered overspray collection products.

Spray booth system analysis for improved service life of media.

Knowledge of OSHA 1910.107, EPA regulation and NESHAP Method 319 Systems.

Complete filter service and set routine delivery for locally stocked products for paint and HVAC application.