Healthcare Air Filtration System

Clean, healthy air should be the highest priority in any hospital or medical facility. Proper air filtration provides patients, staff and visitors with a high degree of protection from airborne microorganisms that can cause infection, disease and even death.

Contaminants in a hospital include normal atmospheric dust, viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen.

Preventing these microorganisms from ever entering the facility is optimal though difficult to ensure.

Protecting occupants from re-circulated, contaminated air is a more attainable goal.

Arresting particulates that can act as carriers of bacteria or even sources of nutrition is vital in a filter's capabilities.

Immediate, airtight high efficiency upon installation.

Particulate retention during filter change out and throughout the service life.

Moisture resistant, non-shedding filter media.

Long service life with low energy requirements.

Recommended Products and Solutions