Gas Turbines

Gas Turbine Filters

Gas turbine power plants are an essential part of creating energy in the ever evolving, high demand, fast paced world we live in. In order to keep gas turbines running smoothly and creating optimal energy, air filtration plays a key role in maintaining a clean environment to prevent costly downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Consider bringing in a NAFA Certified Air Filtration Specialist from Joe W. Fly Co. for a complimentary system survey, evaluation, and consultation.

High efficiency particulate gas turbine filters are used to clean the outside air that is forced into the turbines under extreme speed and pressure.

These filters have extremely high burst ratings, or capacity of air velocity needed to jeopardize the integrity of the filter.

Cleanliness of the air is imperative to prevent erosion, fouling, or corrosion of the delicate components within the turbine system.

Not only can these parts be damaged by particulate intrusion, but they can cause the turbines to overheat or disrupt their rotational balance.

Most particulate filters utilized by the gas turbine industry are made in a V-Cell metal box configuration in the MERV 14-16 range.

These can usually be changed out while the gas turbine is in service, but final filters on the intake side can only be serviced when the unit is shut down.

Ease of installation is another reason that gas turbine filter selection is critical in reducing the amount of downtime needed for change out.

Gas turbine filters with a low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity can last longer and withstand the elements to provide optimal filtration in generating the world’s energy.

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