Family Business, Family Values

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August 1 is Respect for Parents Day. The company’s third-generation owner and current president, Trey Fly, has a lot to say on this topic:

My parents taught me so much and are responsible for who I am today. They have been foundational in my development from childhood to college and beyond into my own family and business life. Their parenting style was nurturing and loving, but also encouraged responsibility in addition to setting expectations and consequences. Manners were taught at an early age. When I was younger, their guidance felt strict; as an adult I understand the wisdom and caring behind the structure.

My parents taught me about the value of money, and the importance of saving at a very early age. While other kids were given spending money freely, and allowed to do whatever they wanted, I typically had to earn my money doing odd jobs, mowing lawns, or working on the ranch. This taught me to be responsible with my money and the value of hard work.

I can also credit my parents with impacting our company and its values. Although the corporate values of Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. were formally written in the last decade, they existed long before I was born. These values stemmed from my grandparents, then my parents, and were recorded on paper by me. The core values of our company are: INTEGRITY, FAMILY, CUSTOMER, QUALITY, AND COMMITMENT. These are the pillars that have seen us through the first 51 years and will continue to guide us as we move forward. Thanks to my parents for showing me the way and helping me become the best father, husband, son, brother, and business owner that I can be.

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