Surface Disinfection

31Oct 2017


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Schools need an efficient way to disinfect surfaces to reduce the spread of germs. There are a few big challenges: the size of schools themselves, the number of different shared surfaces and areas, and the daily flood of germs that kids spread through coughing, sneezing, and touching.

Cleaning every desk, table and countertop in the building with a spray bottle or sponge is impractical. It takes too much time and distributes cleaning supplies inefficiently. More importantly, wiping surfaces can actually spread germs instead of killing them.

Today, school districts are finding a better solution for disinfecting their facilities.

Electrostatic Misting Is Efficient

The E-Mist Infection Control System uses electrostatic application to improve the consistency and efficiency of chemical surface disinfection. Electrostatic application may sound complicated, but the way E-Mist works is actually very simple. Chemical droplets become positively charged as they are sprayed into the air. The like-charged particles repel each other and are attracted to the neutral or negatively charged surfaces in the school. This causes the droplets to spread out evenly across an entire room—and everything in it. As a result, you get perfect coverage every time while using the minimal amount of chemical.

Any water-soluble cleaning chemical will work in the E-Mist system—you’re not boxed in to paying a premium for one specific brand-name product. That means you choose the most cost-effective option for your school—and save even more because the efficiency of E-Mist achieves optimal results with a lower volume of cleaning product compared to traditional spraying.

E-Mist Is Easy for Your Custodial Staff to Use

The E-Mist system is easy to implement and adopt, and your current staff can be fully trained in E-Mist in as little as 30 minutes. The system can be deployed as a lightweight backpack or on wheels. E-Mist also makes increases the daily efficiency of your custodial team. Electrostatic misting saves a huge amount of time compared to many traditional surface-cleaning practices, and it eliminates straining repetitious activities like squeezing spray bottles and wiping down surfaces.

Users of E-Mist systems work their way seamlessly between classrooms, hallways and other areas of the school, continuously spraying disinfectant from the lightweight, battery-powered dispenser. The charged droplets spread themselves evenly across surfaces, kill germs, and then evaporate. There’s no need to double back to rinse or wipe, which saves time and money, and helps ensure effective sanitization. The E-Mist system itself is also designed to be maintenance free—it just needs to be flushed out with water after each use, and it’s all set for next time.

E-Mist Is More Effective Than Traditional Spray and Wipe Sanitizing

Cleaning chemicals typically have a “contact time” that must to elapse before germs are reliably killed. When wiping is required, this requirement is often not carefully observed as workers are trying to quickly move on to the next classroom. Hasty spraying and wiping simply does not give chemicals the time needed to be effective, which means germs survive and are ultimately spread throughout the school. E-Mist eliminates this issue, because the charged droplets spread themselves evenly and evaporate with no additional human intervention. And because there is no wiping involved, there is no risk of moving contaminants from one surface to another.

Improved Sanitization Can Help Schools Save Money

In addition to saving on cleaning supplies by using less chemical disinfectant, schools districts that use the E-Mist system have the opportunity to boost attendance rates—and state funding. In Texas, student attendance has a large impact on school funding, so the potential benefits from more effective surface disinfection can be substantial.

Without consistent disinfection, germs can spread rapidly in a busy school environment. Each student absence has a cost—causing millions of dollars in lost funding annually for many large school districts in Texas. E-Mist helps reduce not only student absenteeism, but also sick days for teachers, lowering a districts substitute teacher costs. Most importantly, E-Mist reduces the risk and costs associated with emergency school closures during epidemic flus and other contagious outbreaks.

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Learn More About E-Mist Surface Disinfection

Electrostatic technology has been safely used in industry for decades. Now it’s possible for schools, hospitals, and other facilities to take advantage of this innovative technology. In fact, schools in Texas have already started enjoying the benefits of E-Mist. With this year’s flu season just getting started, it’s the perfect time to step up your infection prevention efforts.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can make surface disinfection more effective?

Read the E-Mist FAQ or contact Joe W. Fly Co. to learn how you can affordably deploy E-Mist in your school district.