Branch Manager – Lubbock, TX

Since 1967, Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. has provided air filtration products and services. Now in its third generation of family ownership, the company continues to provide clean air solutions with a focus on innovative solutions, long-term partnerships, and the best customer service.

Joe Fly Company is seeking a Branch Manager to join our Lubbock Branch and help us fulfill our vision to positively impact every Texan by 2025 with our products, services, people, and culture. The Branch Manager position oversees Office, Sales, and Operations staff. They have a P&L responsibility for their branch and are not only the main point of contact, but the key decision-maker for all things happening within the branch on both a routine daily-basis and long-term strategic plans.

Keys for Success:

  • Individuals that typically thrive in this position are dynamic, quick-thinking people who interact well with everyone from all walks of life
  • They must at all times have a focus on our Core Values (Customer, Family, Quality, Commitment, and Integrity) as these create the foundation for everything we do
  • We are focused on finding the right culture fit and for someone who is looking for a lifelong career; an ideal candidate for this position would be a team player who is goal-oriented, organized, proactive, and has strong communication skills and a positive attitude
  • HVAC experience is not necessary, but some management and sales experience preferred

Essential Duties:

  • Manage employee performance, branch operations, sales initiatives, and customer relations
  • Play a key role in building the team and ensure growth is always focused on the harmony of the branch: Employee relations, integration, retention, safety and welfare, positive team dynamics, and regular assessment of appropriate compensation are all vital
  • Administer payroll, track and report vacation hours, and conduct informal and formal training at all levels
  • Engage in positive daily dialogue with direct reports and ensure all employees have proper training, tools, and resources to meet the goals and tasks of their individual roles
  • Manage performance through formal and informal evaluations, determine the appropriate write-ups, disciplinary actions, promotions, and identify and fill hiring needs
  • Reward employees who exceed expectations and always consider how to utilize employees where they are best suited to match their strengths
  • Focus on health of the branch through sales numbers, cost of goods, and operating expenses; regularly review and collect the relevant data to make sound business decisions
  • Maintain, purchase, and repair all equipment related to everyday office work
  • Ensure vehicle fleet is always in compliance and coordinate routine maintenance
  • Oversee the warehouse and service operations: Coordinate efficient service routes, deliveries, and surveys, receive inbound freight and transfers, prepare shipments, maintain stock items and upcoming orders, report monthly inventory, and ensure all internal processes and procedures are followed
  • Meet with technicians on a weekly basis for safety updates and help with large workloads
  • Communicate regularly with customers to assure quality service is provided, proactively plan for future service needs, and positively resolve any disputes
  • Review A/R reports for outstanding balances
  • Coordinate and participate in sales blitzing with the sales team to acquire new accounts
  • Prospect new leads for the branch and make sales calls, orders, and quotes
  • Maintain relationships with customers by targeted outreach through lunches, events, site visits, etc., and offer additional innovative ways to reach out to customers

Benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401K w/100% match up to 4%
  • Profit Sharing
  • $20K Life Insurance
  • Paid Time-Off
  • Salaried position with bonus opportunities

Candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to McKenna Aaron, Employee Engagement Manager:   

NAFA 2019

April 24, 2019 Latest News

Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. sent several employees to the recent meeting of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) in Irving. President of the company, Trey Fly, is the current president of NAFA, and gave the opening remarks in welcoming NAFA members to an exciting lineup of speakers and three days of events. Of particular interest to the attendees was the recent technological advancements in air filtration that incorporate artificial intelligence, updates on the Indoor Air Quality Initiative, liquid filtration and much more. Nationally recognized speaker, and author Spencer X. Smith, shared valuable information on the “Return on Investment of Social Media,” and the many ways we can all help our customers remember how critical our roles are in providing clean air and air filtration.

Here’s a brief clip of Trey speaking at NAFA 2019:


Smart, dependable, hard working person wanted to add to our Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. family. Apply in person at 4820 Memphis St. Dallas, TX 75207. Or call Matt at 682-812-1056

Service Technician (Dallas)

Established (1967), growing company looking to add another energetic, reliable person for installing air filters in commercial & industrial buildings throughout DFW. Past service type experience encouraged but not required. Just be willing to learn! Requires working on ladders, use of basic hand and power tools, good at math, and excellent people skills needed in communicating with customers. This position will also be in the warehouse some and may be required to make deliveries from time to time. Must be 18 years of age with clean driving record, someone that is very safety conscious, willing to take drug test, be proficient in speaking and writing in English, and currently legally eligible to work in the United States. Driver’s License and Social Security ID will be required for interview.


We offer medical, dental, vision and 409(k) after 90 day probation period, as well as vacation and sick pay

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.50 to $15.00 /hour

The winter chill is here! Learn how to save money this season with simple tips for your home.

Change Your Air Filters
When dust clogs the filter, the HVAC unit has to work harder and harder to pull air through. Replacing your filter at least every few months will save you some money and extend the life of your heater.

Install a Programmable Thermostat
These devices can save you as much as 10 percent annually and enables you to have peace of mind when you leave the house or climb into your warm bed at night, knowing the temperature will adjust automatically.

Get an Energy Audit
An energy audit uses a blower door test and an infrared camera to pinpoint leaks and identifies ways to improve energy efficiency. Schedule the audit through your utility company and ask about rebates.
This procedure is worth the investment because it’s almost impossible to find most sources of energy loss on your own. You’ll get a detailed report listing upgrades you can make to cut heat loss and use less energy.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, reverse it in the winter so that the warm air is evenly distributed. In the summer, make the fan run counter-clockwise to create a cooling wind.

Switch to LED Holiday Lights
Still using those light strands that date to the late 90s? Time for an upgrade. 90 percent of a light bulb’s energy is wasted generating heat. That fact is more than an ice-breaker for your next Christmas party. It’s also motivation to get LED holiday lights this year. They use one quarter the energy, last longer and produce less heat, making them safer.

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October is upon us!
This season brings cooler temperatures, fall leaves, pumpkins, trick-or-treaters, and unfortunately, the flu. How can you prevent the flu from striking your home or work this year?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends:

  1. Stay home if you’re sick, to help prevent germs from spreading to family, friends, and colleagues.
  2. Practice good hygiene habits, including covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, and washing your hands thoroughly. Teach your kids to wash their hands correctly – just waving them under the water and towel drying isn’t enough to remove germs and bacteria.
  3. Disinfect frequently-touched surfaces at home, school and in the office. Don’t forget about toys, light switches, computer keyboards, and door knobs

The E-Mist Surface Management System is one of the best ways to protect against the flu by disinfecting surfaces and touch points that are frequently missed with traditional cleaning. The battery powered electrostatic liquid application process allows surfaces to be treated frequently, completely, and safely. Using a hospital-grade disinfectant, the E-Mist SMS provides 360* coverage and disinfects the average room in less than three minutes.

Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. offers several disinfection choices to suit every need. Many industries, including education, medical, travel and military can purchase E-Mist machines to save on janitorial and chemical costs. We also offer a disinfection service with tiered rates based on frequency and square footage. If you’re concerned with germs and bacteria in your home, our subsidiary service, Healthy Homes TX, brings the technology to you, disinfecting your home after illness, before you welcome a new baby or elderly parent into your home, or just to complete your cleaning process.

For more information about surface disinfection, contact us at (800) 772-6566.

Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. is looking for a new Manager for our Houston, Texas branch.  Houston is one of the largest HVAC markets in the world and is currently our fastest growing branch.  HVAC experience not necessary, but some management and sales experience is highly recommended.  The Branch Manager position oversees Office, Sales, and Operations staff.  They have a P&L responsibility for their branch and are considered to be the main point of contact and key decision maker for all things happening within the branch.  Individuals that typically thrive in this position are dynamic, quick-thinking people who interact well with everyone from all walks of life.  They must at all times have a focus on our core values (Customer, Family, Quality, Commitment, and Integrity) as these create the foundation for everything we do.  This search is open to anyone.  If you know of a friend, coworker, or family member who might thrive in this position, please forward it to them.  We are looking for culture fit, team players who are looking for a lifelong career opportunity.

Joe Fly Company was established in 1967 and currently operates in eight major cities in Texas.  Our core business is providing clean air through air filtration and other environmental services.  We are growing fast and focused on improvements in culture and operational efficiencies.  We have an aggressive growth goal to double by 2030.  We offer full benefits, health insurance, 401k with a company match, and profit sharing for all employees.  The Branch Manager position comes with additional benefits such as company provided vehicle, gas, and insurance.

Please send questions or resumes to Trey Fly at

August 1 is Respect for Parents Day. The company’s third-generation owner and current president, Trey Fly, has a lot to say on this topic:

My parents taught me so much and are responsible for who I am today. They have been foundational in my development from childhood to college and beyond into my own family and business life. Their parenting style was nurturing and loving, but also encouraged responsibility in addition to setting expectations and consequences. Manners were taught at an early age. When I was younger, their guidance felt strict; as an adult I understand the wisdom and caring behind the structure.

My parents taught me about the value of money, and the importance of saving at a very early age. While other kids were given spending money freely, and allowed to do whatever they wanted, I typically had to earn my money doing odd jobs, mowing lawns, or working on the ranch. This taught me to be responsible with my money and the value of hard work.

I can also credit my parents with impacting our company and its values. Although the corporate values of Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. were formally written in the last decade, they existed long before I was born. These values stemmed from my grandparents, then my parents, and were recorded on paper by me. The core values of our company are: INTEGRITY, FAMILY, CUSTOMER, QUALITY, AND COMMITMENT. These are the pillars that have seen us through the first 51 years and will continue to guide us as we move forward. Thanks to my parents for showing me the way and helping me become the best father, husband, son, brother, and business owner that I can be.

Microbial growth in your HVAC system can reduce energy efficiency and contaminate the air in your building. This is a particular risk in hot, humid areas like Houston and along the Texas coast, but it can occur in buildings anywhere. Inside the HVAC system it is often cold, dark, and wet—providing the perfect environment for mold and other microbial organisms to grow.

How you clean and maintain your evaporator coils, and even the filter you use can affect the spread of bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold in your system. Here are some tips to help eliminate or prevent microbial growth in your HVAC.


Keep Your Coils and Whole System Clean

Routine preventive maintenance is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your air handlers. Heat transfer across the coils is critical to energy efficiency. When there is a buildup of biofilm or other grime on the coils, it will reduce the unit’s efficiency and require more energy to heat and cool the building. This type of growth also harms air quality in the building, especially when it occurs downstream from the filters. Any spores or particles released into the airstream below the filters will go directly into the air you breathe.

Regular HVAC coil cleaning (at least once per year) helps prevent both microbial growth and the buildup of other contaminants that can negatively affect your HVAC system. For example, steam cleaning is effective because it uses heat to kill growth on the evaporator coils.

It’s also important to remember the drain pan under the coils. Condensation and runoff collect under the unit and need to be captured and drained out of the system, but if there is any standing water or residue, it needs to be treated. HVAC pan tablets can be applied based on the tonnage of the unit to prevent algae or other organisms from growing in this area. Without proper treatment, the drain pan can become clogged—potentially leading to spillage that can damage your system and cause microbial growth to spread.

Another good way to kill mold and other contaminants (and prevent them from returning) is to install ultraviolet lights over the coils in your HVAC system. UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, and other harmful organisms.


Don’t Let Your Filters Provide Food for Bacteria

Changing your filters on a regular schedule is important for maintaining high air quality, but when microbial growth is an issue, you also need to consider the type of filters you use. Many common disposable filters end up becoming food for mold and bacteria because of the materials they’re made with. For example, cotton-blend filters in cardboard frames are very common. Unfortunately, both the filter material and the frames provide sources of food, which can enable rapid microbial growth.

Joe W. Fly Co. often recommends installing permanent frames made of galvanized stainless steel, with synthetic filter media placed inside. This helps prevent growth because microbial organisms cannot feed on these materials. Our frame and media filtration system also helps eliminate air bypass and improve air quality because there are no gaps in the filter. Best of all, this approach can also deliver savings on materials and labor, compared to traditional disposable filters.


Contact the HVAC and Air Filtration Experts

As the largest commercial and industrial HVAC filter distributor in Texas, Joe W. Fly Co. has helped countless businesses improve their indoor air quality and energy efficiency. By recommending the best filters and other products, and providing just-in-time services, our team of experienced technicians helps make the most of every dollar you spend on HVAC. And because we work with a wide variety of manufacturers and base our recommendations solely on what will work best for you, we can often help reduce the cost of maintenance operations.

Microbial growth can degrade the quality of the air you breathe and cause costly damage to your HVAC system. Contact the experts at Joe W. Fly Co. today to learn more and start taking action against mold, bacteria, and other silent threats.