Back to School Doesn’t Have to Mean Back to Sneezing

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After a fun summer, the kids are finally back to school. It’s been almost a month since those school buses started rolling down your street, and although everyone is excited for new classes, new friends, and the book fair, some have come down with what teachers call the back-to-school plague: coughing, sneezing, and generally feeling miserable.

Why do kids get sick at the beginning of the school year?

There are a few reasons why kids tend to catch colds while the temperatures are still in the upper digits. After a summer spent at home with family, or playing outside at camp, kids are now back to being in close quarters, a dozen or more to a room, and often with new faces. New friends mean new germs. Younger kids transfer germs on shared school supplies. Older ones may pass a lip gloss around and transfer colds in the process.

How can I prevent illness during the first few weeks and months of school?

The answer depends on your role! If you work in a school district, Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. distributes a unique probiotic cleaning solution and electrostatic misting machine that spreads probiotics easily and efficiently across classrooms, weight rooms, gyms, and cafeterias. The probiotics are pH neutral and safe for everyone, from the youngest preschoolers to seniors in high school (and beyond). Because the probiotics eat the food that allows germs and pathogens to thrive, they create a cleaner surface than when they were first applied. Unlike traditional disinfectants, probiotic cleaners get rid of the germs and keep them from coming back. Learn more about our probiotic cleaners or you can purchase them online.

Not in a school setting? We recommend these cleaners and applicators to all commercial and professional facilities. We’re always happy to set up a demo and show you the probiotic difference. Request more information here.

I’m a parent or guardian. How do I incorporate probiotics in my home cleaning routine?

For residential customers in Austin or the DFW Metroplex, we offer Healthy Homes TX, a service for homeowners who want the greenest clean possible. Our probiotic treatment service uses the same probiotic cleaners, but we bring them to your doorstep. If your kids came down with the back-to-school plague, our service helps to eliminate those germs and get everyone back on the path to health! And the cleaners are truly safe for everyone, including infants, pets, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. Put down the bleach and reach for a safer solution.

How do you prove the probiotics work?

We measure adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP levels will immediately determine the cleanliness of surfaces and the presence of pathogens and biofilm.

(ISSA Clean School Standard Draft 6.5 – March 2013)

Take a look at these ATP readings from a home with small children:

ATP readings drop from 750 to

Regardless of service type, or location, we can instantly tell you how clean your surfaces are before and after application of probiotics.

To learn more about probiotic cleaners and how they can make a difference in your school, place of business, or home, contact us today!

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