Hurricane Harvey satellite image

Hurricane Harvey approaches Texas on August 24, 2017
Image via NASA/NOAA GOES Project

Two weeks have passed since Hurricane Harvey, the once-in-a-lifetime storm, crashed into the Texas coast, devastating homes, businesses, property and lives. Parts of southeast Texas got as much rain in one weekend as would normally fall all year as Harvey dumped 19 trillion gallons of water across the greater Houston area. The numbers are staggering and we’re only starting the process of assessing the destruction.

Our Houston office sustained minimal damage during the storm but three of our employees have suffered total or near-total loss of their homes. After Harvey, we donated food, clothing and water to our employees. Additionally, we are donating 15 new mattresses to Houston shelters so that those affected can have a clean, dry bed.

The cleanup and rebuilding process has begun, but Houston still needs help. The following organizations are accepting donations that will benefit those in need:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
American Red Cross
Feeding Texas 
Houston Humane Society

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