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Water Carbon Filter
Refilling Services

Water Carbon Filter Refilling Services

Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. is a trusted provider of carbon refilling services for all types of carbon cartridges. Our specialized water carbon filter refilling services enable commercial facilities to use their water purification systems in a cost-effective manner, for extended periods. No matter where a filtration system is installed or how it is configured, there is a good chance that it uses carbon filter media, which needs refilling on a regular basis. Talk to experts at Joe Fly Co. to discuss your media type and refill frequency and ensure optimum filtration all the time.

Why Consider Refilling?

Carbon refilling negates the need for buying new carbon cartridges, thereby reducing their production and the amount of waste that goes into landfills each day from used modules. When you opt for refilling, you don’t have to dispose the entire module. Every carbon filter refill comes with a brand new fabric sleeve and is refilled with ‘original quality’ carbon. Here are some of the water contaminants that a carbon filter eliminates when the cartridges are properly refilled:

  • Residual chlorine and monochloramine
  • Taste and odor causing organic contaminants
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs) and other halocarbons
  • Chloramine, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen peroxide (removed by catalytic carbons).
  • Endocrine disrupting compounds (pharmaceuticals, personal care products, etc.)

Carbon, thanks to to its versatility, can be used in several applications, including water, air, wastewater purification.

Why Choose Us?

We, Joe Fly Co., have the expertise to refill carbon modules of all configurations in our dedicated carbon facility. Our specialists visit your facility to assess your water purification technologies and suggest optimal solutions that may include refilling or replacing installed carbon filter cartridges. Maintaining our stride as the largest distributor of commercial, institutional, and industrial filtration solutions in Texas, our experts can help you with refilling carbon filters for water purification, and also provide consultation services to help increase filter efficiency.

Contact Us to Learn More

To get more information on our carbon refilling services, contact Joe W. Fly Co. Inc. at (512) 441-4448, or write to us at