Dust Collectors, Cartridge Filters, and Bags

Joe W. Fly Co. Inc., is a one stop destination for a wide spectrum of dust collection products that are reshaping the future of air filtration. Whether you need a MAX-T air scrubber or commercial grade cartridge filters, you have come to the right place. Designed to provide clean air in plasma cutting, welding, thermal spray and laser cutting applications, our dust collectors are designed to deliver the best in terms of performance and value. Our inventory includes:

  • MAX-T Air Scrubber
  • Clark Oval Cartridges
  • Torit Cartridge Filters
  • Torit Filter Bags
  • Torit Powercore Dust Collectors (TG Series)

Torit PowerCore Dust Collector: A Performance Powerhouse

The Torit PowerCore TG Series dust collector by Donaldson has up to 65 percent smaller footprint than cartridge collectors. Its sleek and strong all-welded housing makes it ideal to be integrated into an OEM design or used as a stand-alone unit. Other distinctions include:

  • Smart controls and a quiet motor for metalworking
  • Flame-retardant Ultra-Web filter media with MERV 13
  • PowerCore filtration technology for superlative performance
  • Completely assembled and pre-wired equipment

We offer a full range of filters, bags and cartridges required to keep the dust collector deliver optimal performance for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

Largest Distributor in Texas

Joe W. Fly Co. Inc., is the largest distributor of air filtration products for hospitals, pharmaceutical units, museums, corporates and manufacturing facilities, in Texas, with eight strategically located warehouses.

Prompt Service Delivery

Our team is committed to deliver prompt service for every client, no matter the need. In addition, we ensure that there is minimum lead time and all orders are fulfilled within their respective timelines.

Expert Analysis and Consultation

Our consultants, with an in-depth knowledge of air filtration systems, perform an on-site survey and use the life cycle cost analysis to determine the right products matching your requirements.

Using the right air filtration products in any commercial, industrial or manufacturing facility play a vital role in improving the efficiency of the workforce, and the lifespan of the HVAC system in place.

Need Expert Advice?

If you are unsure of the dust collector you need to install in your facility, seek the help of an expert at Joe W. Fly Co. Inc., We will be happy to provide you with any sort of assistance related to your dust collection and air filtration requirements. Feel free to reach us at (512) 441- 4448.