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30Jul 2015
NAFA Summer 2015

NAFA Summer 2015

Get all the insights regarding their activities of NAFA (National Air Filtration Association), including a round-up of the TECH 2015 event and the new management firm running things at NAFA.

Catch all the latest technology in air filtration, quality brands, as well as all the buzz and updates. PDF also contains a note from the Executive Director of NAFA, Al Veeck.

28May 2015

Choosing the right HVAC filterChoosing the right HVAC Filters for your facility doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require attention to details including submicron particle capture efficiency, energy consumption implications and more. If you don’t focus on the right performance factors, you may end up with an air filter system that’s just wrong.

The safest route is to let a specialist consult you, but here are some helpful tips to ensure you are making the right decision.

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