NAFA Summer 2015

NAFA Summer 2015

Get all the insights regarding their activities of NAFA (National Air Filtration Association), including a round-up of the TECH 2015 event and the new management firm running things at NAFA.

Catch all the latest technology in air filtration, quality brands, as well as all the buzz and updates. PDF also contains a note from the Executive Director of NAFA, Al Veeck.

Choosing the right HVAC filterChoosing the right HVAC Filters for your facility doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require attention to details including submicron particle capture efficiency, energy consumption implications and more. If you don’t focus on the right performance factors, you may end up with an air filter system that’s just wrong.

The safest route is to let a specialist consult you, but here are some helpful tips to ensure you are making the right decision.

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Our sales meeting this year was a great way to kick off 2015!  We fit a lot in this year in a short amount of time while still managing to have a blast.  We introduced some new EXCITING products with training as well as some new sales incentives.  We also introduced two new sales members to the Joe Fly team , and we are thrilled about the growth of the company.  2015 is going to be a great year!

Job description

Tired of selling for a huge corporation without any personal recognition?  Sick of overbearing managers focused on cold calls and quotas?  Need a fun and friendly workplace?  Do you feel like you have the potential to grow a territory with huge potential in a thriving market to extraordinary levels?  If you said yes, yes, yes, then this may be the opportunity you are seeking.  Our company is growing rapidly through our reputation for quality and customer service and we might need you to help us get to the next level!

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Waco Courthouse Makeover
Posted on  by Fredda Jones

This week we are doing a little free advertising here at as our way of saying a huge thank you to Mason Arial and the Joe W. Fly Co. for an absolutely beautiful new look for the historic Comanche County Courthouse. It is historic, by the way, and I’ve just realized that the story of the WPA and the Comanche courthouse is a story for another day. :)

This photo was taken right before the cleaning began.

And this is the same area after the cleaning. Amazing, isn't it?

The project would never have been possible had Mason Arial, who lives in Comanche and who also works for Joe W. Fly Co., Inc., not offered both his services and the services of his company at a price that came in way under the norm…just because as Mason said, “Comanche is my town…”

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